With over 50 years of manufacturing experience, the team at Construction Trailer Specialists, Inc. have been constantly building a reputation for quality products and customer satisfaction since the opening of their doors.

Construction Trailer Specialists equipment has been tested in their plant as well as in the field, its performance exceeded customer requirements and expectations.

They are committed to achieving nationwide respect and recognition in the trailer industry. Construction Trailer Specialists, Inc. is accomplishing this through engineering, after market service, on time delivery, and high quality products and equipment.

Bottom Dump Trailer

Pack Mule Bottom Dump

Dimensions:   40’ Length x 96” Width x 10’1” Height

The Pack Mule bottom dump trailer is the industry leader in the belly dump market.

Over many months of engineering and testing, significant changes were made to the bottom dump combining strength and efficiency, resulting in weight reduction down to 12,500 lbs.

The Pack Mule bottom dump capacity is 23.5 Cubic Yards with 10″ Bang Boards.

Half Round Trailer

Rock Master Half Round

Dimensions:   32′ Length x 102″ width x 48″ Side Height

The Rock Master™ half round end dump trailer is a very versatile trailer!

The half round can haul a variety of materials including dirt, gravel and rip rap. When equipped with a quarter frame and spreader apron, the half round is also an excellent dump trailer for hauling asphalt.

The half round end dump trailer also features a 1/4″ AR 450 tub to withstand the constant impact the work requires.

Rock Master Half Round

Harvest Master Grain Trailer

Dimensions:   40′ Length x 96″ width x 68″ Side Height

The Harvest Master grain trailer offers you the best quality to get the job done in the field and down the road.

The Harvest Master grain trailer features easy-to-open butterfly door cranks as well as catwalks and ladders in the front and back of the trailer. It also features sight glass windows on the driver’s side that allows one to inspect the load as it’s being poured into the hopper without climbing on top.

Elliptical End Dump Trailer

Scrap Master End Dump

Dimensions:   40′ Length x 102″ width x 76″ Side Height

If you’re looking for a trailer with a high capacity that can handle the toughest jobs, the Scrap Master™ elliptical end dump trailer is the trailer you’re looking for!

Not only is the Scrap Master™ elliptical trailer perfectly suited for scrap metal, but it can also handle construction material, rip rap and large boulders.

The Scrap Master™ is also equipped with a single point suspension that keeps all eight tires on the ground during the entire dump cycle.

Sandmaster End Dump Trailer

Sand Master End Dump

Dimensions:   37′ Length x 102″ width x 36″ Side Height

The Sand Master™ lightweight end dump trailer is perfectly equipped to handle your sand and small aggregate needs. Most competitors’ trailers of this design require a liner in the bottom of the tub. This is not so with our lightweight end dump!

As with all Construction Trailer Specialists end dump trailers, this lightweight end dump features the single point suspension that keeps all eight tires on the ground during the dump cycle.

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